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Travel Recommendations to La Source

Flight Recommendations – updated 27 October 2013

 Easyjet, Jet2 and  Monarch have announced their flight schedules for winter 2013-2014 commencing December 2013 until April 2014

Grenoble remains our nearest airport of choice for ‘inclusive’ transfers to La Source, with a short transfer time of 1 hour 30 minutes. We can have you skiing on the transfer day afternoon if you arrive on the morning flights

The flights listed below are the recommended flights to Grenoble that are convenient for transfers to La Source, Villard Reculas. The ‘La Source’ minibus and trailer will be at the airport each Sunday between 0900 and Noon for departing and incoming flights.

Important note – possibility of waiting: Our transfers should not be considered as a personal taxi service, and waiting at the beginning and end of your holiday at the airport terminal maybe unavoidable. Please do not book a flight and or transfer unless you are relaxed about the possibility of waiting. We can recommend car hire or alternative transport arrangements for you if you would prefer to eliminate the possibility of waiting


Depart Gatwick 0710, arrive Grenoble, 0945

Depart Grenoble, 1020, arrive Gatwick 1055

These Gatwick flight times are from 26 January 2014. There are Sunday flights during December and early January 2014, however, please discuss airport transfers before confirming your flights, alternatively look at the flight schedule of Monarch at

Depart Luton 0715, arrive Grenoble, 1000

Depart Grenoble, 1040, arrive Luton 1125

Depart Bristol 0720, arrive Grenoble, 1000

Depart Grenoble, 1035, arrive Bristol 1120

Flights with Jet2.

Leeds Bradford: dept 0800 arrive Grenoble 1100

Depart Grenoble 1200 arrive Manchester 1300

Manchester: dept 0830 arrive Grenoble 1130

Depart Grenoble 1230 arrive Manchester 1330

Flights with Monarch.

Dept Gatwick 0635 Arrive Grenoble 0910

Dept Grenoble 1010 arrive Gatwick 1040

Dept Birmingham 0830 arrive Grenoble 1115

Dept Grenoble 1215 arrive Birmingham 1250

Dept Leeds Bradford 0700 arrive Grenoble 0945

Dept Grenoble 1045 arrive Leeds Bradford 1130



Bensbus: is an alternative cost effective way to travel to/from Alpe d’Huez –  if your flight times are different to the list above, We can collect you from Rochetaille ( Bens Bus scheduled stop) in the valley below Villard Reculas and bring you back to La Source